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Upgrading Your Garden at Almost No Cost

Upgrading your garden won’t happen without experimentation with landscaping and yard work, for a long-lasting and beautiful garden.

What you need to know to create an outstanding perennial border

I’ve asked top gardeners Steve Edney and Louise Dowle for their tips on how to create an outstanding perennial border. They’ve just created one of the longest herbaceous borders in……

How to Care for Your Lawn in the Fall

While many residents assume spring is the time to focus on lawn care, there are many things you can do in the fall.

7 Tips for a Great Organic Lawn

Are you interested in growing a great organic lawn? If so, you’ll want to follow these tips for a landscape that’s lush, green – and most importantly, chemical-free. Going au…

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Learn to nurture birdlife in your garden. Learn to attract birds to your garden.

Intelligent Styling Ideas For Your Garden

Styling your garden is a great way to enhance the appearance of a yard, and as a bonus, gardening is great for your mental health.

Creating garden walls with gabions

When visitors see our garden renovation, one of their first positive comments is about the gabion retaining walls. We agree. For high design impact at low cost, the gabions – the stone-filled wire baskets shown above…

How we built our shed from a kit

Our back yard transformation began with the demolition of our +30-year-old cedar shed and construction of a big, beautiful new Urban Studio from Summerwood. We managed to snag it at a Black…

5 top garden design tips – and how to avoid two common mistakes!

Garden design tips to transform your outdoor space. Plus avoid the two common garden layout mistakes that most amateurs make! The post 5 top garden design tips – and how…

DIY-ing a garden to gather in

In 2020-21, who didn’t miss seeing friends and extended family, or dream of being able to celebrate with them again? Because outdoors is the safest place for that, given the pandemic, garden renovations boomed.…

Veggie Bites – Rose Petal Jelly

I brought a four-cup measuring cup with me and filled it with rose petals. My first batch of rose petal jelly is ready to eat.

Landscaping, Accenting with Garden Stones – Updated

Each type garden stone offers new creative possibilities. Stones from many locations serve as decorative garden stones. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.