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Reach more people. Site Usage for 2020



Page Views percentage increase over 2019


Visitor Increase


Sessions Increase


Page Views Increase

Site Visitor Profile

(January 1 to December 31, 2020)

  • Male 35.9% 35.9%
  • Female 64.1% 64.1%
  • 25-34 24.33% 24.33%
  • 65+ 19.86% 19.86%
  • 55-64 18.1% 18.1%
  • 45-54 14.59% 14.59%
  • 35-44 14.52% 14.52%
  • 18-24 8.69% 8.69%

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New Ad Placements *

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Site Sidebar

Injects the ad into Website widgets for display in one or more sidebar locations or in the footer.

Fixed Top Banner

Fixed at the top of your page and not moving away when users scroll down. Interesting for promotions or any kind of content.

Side Bar – Left

Allows you to attach an ad to your content. You can also define whether this ad should stay put while users are scrolling.

Pop Up

PopUp supports effects such as display on scrolling, when a user leaves, close button and a timeout. 

Fixed Bottom Banner

Fixed at the bottom of your page and not moving away when users scroll down. Interesting for promotions or other content.

Side Bar – Right

Allows you to attach an ad to your content. You can also define whether this ad should stay put while users are scrolling

Direct Placement

It is best used when placing ads in specific positions.


Injects the ad before or after the main headline on pages.

Content Injection

Injects the ad into the content of posts and other public pages. Supports many options.

Advertising in our Ottawa Newsletter


Offering a uique way to target Ottawa gardeners. Our Monthly Newsletter goes to approx 700 gardeners in Ottawa and area.

And the number of susbcribers have been increasing consistently for years.

Talk to us about your needs.


Site Expansion Driving More Traffic, Letting You Reach More Buyers

We are expanding our sites with new value and information delivering time saving and convenience for people who like to garden.

Gardening Events

Currently displaying Events:

– hosted by Horticultral Societies and garden clubs in the Greater Ottawa area.

– Virtual events 

Canadian Native Plant Directory

Organized as a tool to help plant selection. 


Excitng expansion includes:

– Guest writers contribute articles, over 300 articles with more added regularly.

– Aggregation of some of the most recent gardening articles published in Canada, US and UK

My Garden - Coming Soon

An ability for gardeners to journal their garden plants (beta)


NEW suppliers lists by category.


Idenitfication of gardening resources with lins directly to their sites.

And There Is More


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Featured Listings in Gardening Supplier Directory

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